Problem Bears Black IPA

    Alcohol (ABV): 7.0%

    This is Problem Bears Black IPA brewed by Silversmith Brewing Company out of Niagara Ontario Canada. The story on the bottle: Hey Smokey! You may have stolen all the camp food, but at least you left the beer. A spring paddle through Algonquin wouldn’t be the same without a cold one at Read more [...]


    Upside IPA

    Alcohol (ABV): 6.8%
    Bitterness (IBU): 58

    Inspired by juicy hop-forward East Coast IPA’s, this unfiltered India Pale Ale is exploding with grapefruit, peach, and tropical hop flavours. Upside uses Vermont ale yeast and has an intricately crafted malt profile which includes oats and flaked wheat, giving the beer a hazy appearance and a rounded, smooth mouthfeel. Read more [...]


    Bastardized Apricots

    Alcohol (ABV): 6.2%
    Bitterness (IBU): 24

    APRICOT STOUT This sessionable summer stout brings lovely roasted and dark malt notes and a hint of espresso, then fuses them with the bright nectar of fresh apricots and lemon. Perfect with weekend brunch or afternoon biscotti.


    Ol’Farmer Browns Dark Ass Ale

    Alcohol (ABV): 7.9%
    Bitterness (IBU): 28

    Farmhouse Ale Collection This is Ol’Farmer Brown’s Dark’Ass Ale brewed by Oast House Brewers out Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario Canada.   Aged in fresh Cabernet Franc barrels. This is a medium bodied malt-driven Brown Ale which is initially fermented in a Belgian yeast  and then bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces for added complexity. Read more [...]


    Over My Dad Body Pilsner

    Alcohol (ABV): 5.0%
    Bitterness (IBU): 25

    A GLB Tank Ten Series Beer This is Over My Dad Body Pilsner brewed by Great Lakes Brewery out of Etobicoke Ontario Canada.   Whats on the can: Meet Mr. Morty Jenkinson. Crank the Bob Seger and raise a glass to him and that father figure.


    Sparklepuff Triple IPA

    Alcohol (ABV): 10.5%

    Sparklepuff, the galaxy starfighter, the defender of the universe An extra strong beer you will love! This is Sparklepuff a Triple IPA brewed by Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery out of Barrie Ontario Canada. The tale we are told is the starfighter is exploring the realms of deep, dark space with Read more [...]


    Laser Show Double IPA

    Alcohol (ABV): 8.0%
    Bitterness (IBU): 80

    This is laser Show Double IPA brewed by Left Field Brewery out of Toronto Ontario Canada. Laser Show is born from the love for hazy, tropical IPAs made in North Eastern US, and a particular New England All-Star’s laser-beam line drives. This Double IPA is intensely hopped and fermented with Read more [...]

  • Cherry Traffic Jam Gose

    Alcohol (ABV): 4.1%
    Bitterness (IBU): 5

    GOSE WITH FRUIT This is Cherry Traffic Jam Gose brewed by Redline Brewhouse out of Barrie Ontario Canada. If it’s cherry you want, then get into a Traffic Jam! This beer was soured in the kettle, brewed with freshly toasted Coriander seed and Sea Salt. After it fermented Redline Brewery ages Read more [...]